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Elite Tent Packages

Banish Weather Worries with a Tent from It’s Party Time

Marquee Tents Rental Capacity Guide

Square Feet
5’ Round Dinner Tables
8’ Rect. Dinner Tables
Row Seating
10' x 10'

20' x 20'

34' x 40' Hex


Seating Information
Aside from main traffic aisles, allow 54” between round tables for chairs and service space, and 60” between rectangular tables where seating is back-to-back. This permits 24” service space behind 18” chair depth.

While this may vary with degree of aisle comfort required, 36” distance between rows of chairs will suffice.

Tent Subfloor
$1.50 sq ft.
15’ x 15’ Dance Floor on Top

Please remember no two functions are the same. Each purpose deserves to be looked at individually so that the exact size of tent can be determined based on your personal needs and preferences.


The first step to renting a tent is ensuring that you need one. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the event for?
  • What will the tent be used for?


Now that you have confirmed that you need a tent for your event, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Where do I want to locate the tent?
  • What is the size of the area?
  • What surface will the tent rest upon?
  • What size tent do I need?
  • What accessories do I need along with the tent? (Lighting, walls, heating, flooring)
  • What is the cost of the tent rental and/or accessories?
  • When should the tent be set up and taken down?
  • Do any restrictions apply?
  • Can we decorate or alter the state of the tent if we need to?
  • What kind of fabric and structural material is used?
  • How will the tent be anchored down?
  • May I see pictures of previous setups?


Party Tents

At It’s Party Time Event Rentals Ltd., we offer two different party tent packages to meet your needs. Follow the links below to view pricing information and layout diagrams.


Basic Tent Package


Elite Tent Package




Frequently Asked Questions

Can a tent be set up on cement or concrete?

Yes, the tent has to be anchored by either drilling holes or anchoring the ropes to adequate weights to hold the tent down. The sides also have to be anchored to the ground, to prevent them from folding in if it is windy. All rental tents are secured with stakes driven into the ground.

Can we set up the tents ourselves?

No, we do not allow anyone to set up our tents. Reason why? The tents consist of many different parts, which can be damaged. We would also have to spend time training you on how to set up a tent properly, which would accrue extra fees.

Can you heat the inside of the tent? And if so, how?

Yes, we have what is called a tent heater, which functions by attaching an 80,000 BTU heater, powered by a 20lb or more propane tank, to the side of the tent.

What if we decide on the day of set up that we want or don't want walls?

When we come out to set up a tent, we usually bring the walls with us just in case Mother Nature is not cooperating and you decide that you may need walls. We would put the walls up before we leave. If the weather is nice, we will just leave the walls off. You may also, if you like, just put a few walls up for coverage and privacy.

We hope that the above information has answered any questions you may have about planning your party. If you have any more questions, or require any further information, please feel free to call us and we will be happy to answer.

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